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The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) was established on 24 June, 1950 as a Scientific, Technical and Voluntary Not-for-profit Non-Governmental International Organization (NGO) with headquarters in New Delhi, India.

The Commission is dedicated to enhancing the worldwide supply of food and fibre for all people by improving water and land management and the productivity of irrigated and drained lands through appropriate management of water, environment and application of irrigation, drainage and flood management techniques. [For more information contact http://www.icid.org]

Estd : 2016


  • Encourage and promote a high standard of professional development amongst the young professionals in the field of irrigation, drainage, and flood management,
  • Provide an international platform for young irrigation and drainage professionals,
  • Expose young professional to ICID's purpose, objectives, role and activities,
  • Facilitate the wider dissemination of knowledge and information amongst the young professionals,
  • Maintain and enhance links with national and international youth having interests in water related subjects or the activities, relevant to ICID objectives.

Membership: Open online membership, consists of more than 180 members.


Sl. No.
Name / Coordinator Country Membership
Ms. Kathleen Murray   Australia Coordinator (2016) 
Ms. Adey N. Mersha  Ethiopia  Joint Co-ordinator
Mr. Rafat Nael Al-Intaki  Iraq Joint Co-ordinator
4 Mr. Mika Turunen  Finland  Joint Co-ordinator
5 Ms. Eman Ragab Egypt Joint Co-ordinator
Mr. M. Shoaib Saboory Afghanistan Joint Co-ordinator

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PRESENTATION: Defending Against Drought (Isprasetyo Basuki, Hermawan, Melly Lukman)


Discussions schedule on ICID-Young Professional's e-Forum (ICID-YPeF)

As the 23rd International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage, scheduled from 8-14 October 2017, Mexico City, Mexico draws closer, ICID is planning to start discussions in this e-Forum to enable the young professionals contribute their views on various topics which will go into addressing the two questions as well as the Symposium and Seminar during 23rd Congress (www.icid2017.org).

The following topicsfor :e-Discussions/ Webinars in pipeline:

  1. Water-Food-Energy Nexus in a Changing World (Started from 6 April 2017) - Background Note for e-Discussion [Coordinator: Ms. Adey Marsha]
  2. Gendered Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture (16 May to 3 June 2017) – Background Note for e-Discussion [Coordinator: Ms. Jakia Akter]
  3. Opportunities and Challenges of Drainage Development (9-30 June 2017) Background Note for e-Discussion [Coordinator: Dr. Mika Turunen]
  4. On-farm efficiency for small scale farming (1st week of July 2017) [Coordinator: Mr. Rafat Nael]
  5. Role of irrigation in food security (1st week of August 2017) [Coordinator: Ms. Kathleen Heuvel]

Based on active participation in and rich contribution to the discussions, Young Professionals will be selected for Scholarship to join us at Mexico City representing Young Professionals.

Recently concluded e-Discussions: