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ICID Scholarship to Young Professionals, October 2015, Montpellier, France

Young Professionals (Less than 40 years of age) working in Irrigation and Drainage sector, particularly from the member countries of ICID are being encouraged to attend ICID events/ conferences with the objective of facilitating the involvement of young professionals in ICID’s activities as today’s young professionals will be tomorrow’s pillars in ICID. In an effort to encourage Young Professionals to participate in ICID activities, all Young Professionals attending ICID events as a practise are provided 50% concession in the Registration Fees.

Additional Sponsorship is being offered to Ten Young Professionals for facilitating their attendance in the 26th European Regional Conference and the 66th International Executive Council meetings to be held from 11-16 October 2015, Montpellier, France, to enable them to participate in various events.

National Committees/ partner International Organizations are requested to nominate one or two Young Professionals (YP) engaged in irrigation and drainage sector and who are willing to take active part in the upcoming ICID events, by way of contributing papers, becoming rapporteurs and coordinators. The scholarship will consist of full waiver of registration fee and to and fro air travel ticket by economy class by shortest route; and a lump sum out of pocket allowance. 

Young professionals (below 40 years) may send their Nomination Forms to the concerned National Committee or a partner International Organization of ICID for validation. The last date for receiving the completed Nomination Form, through Member National Committees/ International Organizations to the ICID Central Office icid@icid.org, New Delhi is 15 May 2015.

The 15th meeting of WG-YPF was held on 7 December 2009 at New Delhi. Dr. Sanjay Belsare, Vice Chairman conducted the meeting. The issue of election of new Chair and Vice Chair was differed in view of scarce attendance of members. Mr. Ali Reza Salamat may continue as Interim Chairman of the WG till the next meeting in October 2010 or a consensus choice is made via virtual discussion, whichever is earlier. Some attendees proposed to raise the age from 40 to 45 years for being considered as young professionals.

In order to activate young professionals in ICID activities following measures were suggested – (a) making obligatory to NCs to nominate an additional young member in each working group of ICID, (b) NCs shall ensure the participation of young professional member in their delegation to ICID events, (c) Full waiver of registration fee to WG-YPF member as well as other young professionals participating in the ICID events, and (d) providing sponsorship and inexpensive accommodation to WG-YPF members whenever  possible.

It was also proposed to provide some time slot for YPF presentations during regular annual meetings of WG-YPF at the time of IECs and a full day for YPF activities at the time of triennial Congresses. It was suggested that the CO may consider one page summary of those papers of the young professionals which are approved by the Scientific Committee for Newsletter. The YPF Newsletter was disseminated among the members of the WG as well as observers. The electronic version of the Newsletter was posted on the WG-YPF website for its easy access. It was also decided to share the YPF Newsletter through e-mail besides making it available on the WG webpage.